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Grant Opportunity!

The application for the Payroll Department‘s 2022 Meet Your Match $7,000 nonprofit matching grant for certain La Plata County nonprofits opens February 23 and closes March 18.

Learn more about grant eligibility and apply here.

Bonus Assets for 2022 Grantees!

This year, in partnership with StoneAge and Local News Network, the Community Foundation is offering the three Payroll Department grantees an added bonus of advertising assets valued at $1,500, designed specifically for this matching grant fundraising effort.

The Animated Advertising Assets grant includes two components:

  • Animated advertising in a banner format, a leader board format, and a video
  • ¬†Four weeks of advertising across all Local News Network venues.

All advertising assets are gifted to you to leverage on your social media, website, and other venues of your choice.



  • Lauryn says:

    Howdy, lauryn here with Bucks Parlor, a unisex barbershop in Durango. I was wondering if you can send me more information in the grants that are still open to apply for.

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