We have various Scholarship Funds established at the Community Foundation providing educational opportunities for students attending college, university, or vocational schools. Each has its own eligibility requirements — click the links below (coming soon) to learn more.

MOLAS Scholarship

Meaningful Opportunity through Learning and Advancement Scholarship

Mission: A multi-year scholarship opportunity for low-income, first generation college students (including non-traditional students) from Southwest Colorado for 2- to 4-year post-secondary education. Colorado public school system preferred; other Four Corners institutions may be considered.

We have a new scholarship opportunity being offered through the Community Foundation serving SW Colorado starting in the fall of 2022 called the MOLAS Scholarship. Applicants must be first-generation college students (a student whose parent(s) did not earn a degree/graduate from college). The MOLAS scholarship is need-based for low-income individuals, including non-traditional students. The winner of the scholarship would receive 85% of tuition and room and board at a Colorado school, university, trade-school or vocational school.

It is the intention of the MOLAS Scholarship to support 1 – 2 students per year who might otherwise not have the opportunity to further their education without financial help. Mentorship throughout school, particularly with budgeting and financial advising, is included for all MOLAS participants.

The application will open this fall and will be reviewed next spring by a committee of community members with a background in education. Recommendations and referrals from contacts at local schools and nonprofit organizations will rank highly in the selection process.