We have various Scholarship Funds established at the Community Foundation providing educational opportunities for students attending college, university, or vocational schools. Each has its own eligibility requirements — click the links below (coming soon) to learn more.

MOLAS Scholarship

Meaningful Opportunity through Learning and Advancement Scholarship

Mission: A multi-year scholarship opportunity for low-income, first generation college students (including non-traditional students) from Southwest Colorado for 2- to 4-year post-secondary education. Colorado public school system preferred; other Four Corners institutions may be considered.

We have a new scholarship opportunity being offered through the Community Foundation serving SW Colorado starting Fall 2023 called the MOLAS Scholarship. Applicants must be first-generation college students (a student who is the first in their family to go to college). The MOLAS scholarship is need-based for low-income individuals, including non-traditional students. The winner of the scholarship would receive 80% of tuition, room, and board at a Colorado school, university, trade-school or vocational school.