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Community Foundation signs on as Regional Champion for Colorado Gives

By July 7, 2017October 6th, 2017No Comments

The Community Foundation is excited to announce that we have become a Regional Champion for ColoradoGives!

What is ColoradoGives…and what is Colorado Gives Day?

ColoradoGives is a year-round online giving platform that makes it easy for donors to search for nonprofits and donate online.  Hosted by the Community First Foundation in Denver, Colorado Gives features over 2,000 Colorado nonprofit profiles.

Colorado Gives Day, scheduled for December 5, 2017, is an annual giving initiative that celebrates philanthropy statewide and inspires donors to “give where they live” through online donations.

In 2016, $33.8 million was donated statewide and $143,595 was donated to Southwest Colorado nonprofits.

What is the Community Foundation’s role as a Regional Champion?

As a Regional Champion, the Community Foundation will lead the local effort to strengthen online giving in Southwest Colorado. The Community Foundation will have an additional platform built specifically for Southwest Colorado, making it easier for donors to find nonprofits in our region and give locally.

Additionally, the Community Foundation will coordinate marketing efforts to promote ColoradoGives and Colorado Gives Day, as well as provide support and professional development as local nonprofits build and plan their campaigns.

In past years, other community foundations in Colorado who have served as Regional Champions have seen donations to nonprofits in their area skyrocket.

Why should my nonprofit participate in Colorado Gives?

Benefits of participating in ColoradoGives include:

  • Access to an inexpensive online giving platform
  • Inclusion in an additional Southwest Colorado platform, making it easier for donors to find your organization and donate online
  • Collaboration with other Southwest Colorado nonprofits
  • Local support and professional development opportunities
  • Added visibility to your campaign through the Community Foundation’s marketing efforts
  • Minimization of operational costs and staff time (Community First Foundation handles gift processing and receipts)

How do I get started with ColoradoGives?

1. Determine if your nonprofit is eligible by reviewing the ColoradoGives Eligibility Requirements

2. If eligible, enroll in the required ColoradoGives Intro Webinar.

  • There are no longer any Intro Webinars available

3. Complete and submit your ColoradoGives profile for review by August 31. (More info about the review process here)

4. If approved to participate, invest $100 for a ColoradoGives local participation fee. The fee guarantees your nonprofit’s inclusion in the Southwest Colorado platform and breaks down as follows:

  • $55 for local ad buy
  • $30 for coordination, resource development, graphic design, and PR
  • $8 for the Regional Champion fee
  • $7 for meeting costs

5. Attend as many Lunch & Learn meetings as possible.

Upcoming Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learn meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month in the First National Bank Community Room.  Lunch & Learns focus on education and resources regarding how to execute an effective ColoradoGives campaign, as well as provide local nonprofits the opportunity to connect and discuss their experiences with the process.

July 11 | 11:30am – 1:30pm – ColoradoGives: Could My Nonprofit Benefit?

Cindy Arnold Hummiston will present on the enrollment requirements, process, and timeline for ColoradoGives and help enable nonprofits to make an informed decision about whether they should add ColoradoGives to their fundraising strategy.

August 8 | 11:45am – 1:00pm – Next Steps & Developing an Action Plan

This Lunch & Learn is intended for nonprofits that are approved for ColoradoGives or are in the process of completing a profile for approval.  We will be discussing:

  • the Community Foundation’s role as a regional champion
  • planning next steps and a marketing timeline to get the most out of ColoradoGives
  • deciding on a logo for the Southwest Colorado regional platform
  • pros and cons of a PR launch event.

September 12 | 11:45am – 1:00pm – Retention Fundraising: Strategies for Keeping Your Colorado Gives Day Donors

Ever wonder how your organization can stand out, acquire new donors and keep them?  In this ColoradoGives webinar, author and retention expert Roger Craver will help you turn your leaking bucket of donors into a watertight container of engaged lifetime donors. Join the Community Foundation in the First National Bank Community Room to view and discuss.

October 10 | 11:45am – 1:00pm – Creating a Buzz: Marketing for Southwest Colorado Gives

This Colorado Gives Lunch & Learn is for nonprofits that are approved (or nearly approved) for Colorado Gives and are participating in the Southwest Colorado Gives regional platform.  The Community Foundation will provide an update on the budget we have to work with to promote SW CO Gives, as well as a marketing plan. Please come with any ideas you would like to add.

If you would like to participate in the regional platform, please submit your $100 participant fee to the Community Foundation by Friday, October 13. 

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