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As the proverb goes… all good things must come to an end. After eight fun-filled, successful years, we have decided not to host the Community Concerts in the Secret Garden this summer. We treasure the strong sense of community that these events have nurtured over the years, not to mention the fabulous local music we have enjoyed! Luckily, local music is available at many new venues now and community-style concerts have become rather popular in our area.

We smile when we think about our journey trailblazing these innovative community grants, and we’re looking forward to visiting with you all in the years to come at many other fabulous venues around town.

We are enormously proud of the success we experienced over eight years, awarding 72 grants, approximately $150,000 to nonprofits, with an average grant amount of more than $2,000 each. We are so grateful to our sponsors and our partners at the Rochester Hotel who helped make this all possible!

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